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Are you sure about that? I've been to a number of private test days & the cut off is 11.00 regardless if the cars have been tech'd or not. The reason for the 11.00 is due to them only having limited safety resources (ambulance, paramedics etc) on the private test days.

Also, it cost $10K for the day, with only 20 cars ($500 each that you mentioned) it would an awesome day to get plenty of runs in.
You need to have an ANDRA License ( or whatever is called these days ) and the $500 covers the additional resources that you spoke about.
20 is the cutoff.
PLenty of runs and some of the bigger boys use it to test and tune.

I used to be part of the Torana Club and we would often do the same. The only difference was that cutoff was 11.00, maximum cars was 50 and cost was $200.