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    Jan 2004
    Perth, WA
    Car: VY GTS
    Mods: Maggie 1900 running 9PSI, Cam, 4500 Allfast converter, 1 7/8" Pacies, 200CPI cats, twin 3" Manta exhaust, 3.91 diff, twin external walbro's.....and a heavy *** stereo
    Power: ~520rwhp
    Tyres: 18" ET Street Radials
    Best 60ft: 1.568
    Best Time: 11.313 @ 120MPH

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    Feb 2014
    Car: VF GTS
    Mods: Cam, Heads, Boost, intake, headers, exhaust, interchiller (still retains stock bottom end, stock converter, diff, suspension, brakes, LSA 1900 blower on 98 pump fuel, full weight 2031.5kg)
    Power: NFI
    Tyres: 18" radials
    Best 60ft 1.522
    Best Time: 10.4 @134.67mph

    2014 HSV VF GTS
    2017 HSV GTSR
    Australia's Fastest 6.2L 1900 LSA VF GTS with a Stock Bottom End
    9.700 @143.14mph 17/July/2017
    V-Box Results 0-100km/h in 2.47sec

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    Feb 2015
    Blue Mountains
    Car: Gen f Gts auto
    Mods: Lower boost pulley, pod filter, injectors, 1"7/8 headers + Cats, chiller
    Power: Dunno 520rwhp ish
    Tyres: stock 29000kms
    Best 60ft: 1.840
    Best Time: 11.645 @ 125.18mph

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    Jul 2015
    Perth- Right Lane Drivers
    Certainly worth mentioning if the car is a manual or an auto.
    Current Ride: GenF GTS #2580 Heron White Manual 2015
    Previous Ride: E3 Senator SV #123 Sizzle Manual 2011
    Previous Ride: VYII R8 #354 Ultra Violet Manual 2004

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    Feb 2011
    Rockingham W.A
    Car: Vf Gts Auto
    Mods: cam pack, full exhaust, custom intake, more boost and injectors
    Power: 620rwhp
    Tyres: stock Conti's
    Best 60ft: 1.817
    Best Time: 11.474 at 200kmph

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    Apr 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by ITRIPS View Post
    Impressive for V6
    Unfortunately it's now my daily since my daily is broken , still gets around 8.5L/100km and had a new engine 3 years ago making 40hp more so should run an 11 easily enough , just don't live close enough to a drag strip to go and play regularly.

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    Apr 2016
    Melb Vic
    Car: Vx SS 2001 Manual
    Mods: V2 Vortech supercharger and intercooler
    Power: 472 Rwhp
    Tyres: Slicks and Front runners
    Best 60ft 1.6722
    Best Time: 12.0637 @ 116.34 MPH

    Car: Ve Senator E2 Auto
    Mods: FDFI 2300 supercharger, Cam to suit, Rex Headers, Twin 3 inch Xforce Exhaust
    Power: 475 Rwkws
    Tyres: Mickey thompson SS 305 40 R18
    Best 60ft 1.559
    Best Time: 10.741 @ 130 Mph

    Car: Harley davidson Fatboy 2007
    Mods: Stage 4 screaming eagle kit
    Power: 95.94 Rwhp
    Tyres: Stock street
    Best 60ft 1.7839
    Best Time: 12.3132 @ 107.68 Mph
    Last edited by Macca77; 17-05-2018 at 08:44 AM.

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    Mar 2016
    Some fast cars here.
    Think I need some heads and a cam from Santa.

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    Apr 2013
    Have only been down the 1/4 a couple of times, need to get back out there with new mods

    Car: E3 Maloo - manual
    Mods: Heartbeat S/C, OTR and exhaust
    Power: 515rwhp at the time
    Tyres: Michelin Pilot Super Sports
    Best 60ft: 1.832
    Best Time: 12.123 @ 118.9 MPH

    Details on my car here
    Last edited by Nath; 15-04-2016 at 05:26 PM.

    Was: E3 S/C Maloo
    Now: Audi RS3 (11.00 & 136MPH)

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    Jun 2015
    Quote Originally Posted by KAL SPL View Post
    Vs Calais supercharged V6
    Little bit more boost , exhaust , tune
    Full slicks
    12.2 111mph
    Impressive for the little V6....... What was the 60FT ?

    Quote Originally Posted by FollowTheSapper View Post
    Car: 2010 E3 GTS
    Mods: MP2300, 1 7/8 4into1, 100cell cats, 2 1/2 cat back, ripshifter
    Power: 411rwkw/550rwhp
    Tyres: 275/40/R20 Nitto NTO5
    Best 60ft: 2.08
    Best Time: 12.444
    Post up your trap speed mate. That ET is not doing justice to what your car is capable of.

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