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    Need help deciding.....

    Hi Fellas,

    Been window shopping for my first HSV over the last couple of months and needed some advice/thoughts. At the moment it's between an R8 with a W375 package on it and a GTS both Gen F. R8 is a demo with 5k mileage the GTS has 24k on the clock. Prive diff is about 10k, what would you recommend taking into consideration maintenance, running costs and depreciation? I also reckon I could wipe out a fair chunk from the drive away price for both cars as they are getting desperate to clear these cars both 2014.

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    Personally i would go with the GTS it a factory car not an add on kit let the r8, im not a HSV owner yet either im driving a series 1 VFRedline will be upgrading to a GTS next year. Good Luck with your choice im sure you'll be happy either way.

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    If I had the money to buy either I would go the GTS. Better in every way imho, better interior and seats, better exterior and wheels etc, better engine(with the added supercharger), resale will also be much better, the clubby/r8's is the "entry level" HSV so id say they would be a lot more common. If you bought the R8 you would easily end up paying the extra 10k and then some to make it as fast or as powerful as the GTS. probably a worthy investment. Good luck with the choice.

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    Yeah that's what I was thought of thinking, but the R8 with the W375 pack is plenty quick already. The GTS is insanely quick question is I don't go to the track how much of that power would I be realistically using? What are the GTS maintenance costs like?

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    me personally would def go the gts, the running costs aren't gonna be too much different, a little more petrol, servicing and consumables eg pads and rotors aren't that much difference but the insurance cost might be a factor depending on circumstances, im waiting on my VF GTS and I know my insurance isn't too bad considering im 32

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    Thanks for the feedback guys I ll see how much $$ I can shave off the GTS then go from there

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    .. the GTS will always have better resale (if you ever have to sell)
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    GTS would be my pick, I would also recommend getting an inspection carried out on the car prior to purchasing

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    +1 for GTS, it's just better all round
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