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    Yeah I don't think ive ever seen one in Aus before.. Haines Hunter make great boats! My dad has had two of them previously (ski boats).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smitty View Post
    what do I tow...?

    race car for starters .. plus a bike or 2

    .. this normally gets ridden but has been towed to PI on a couple of occasions where it proceeded
    to scare the hell out of me on the track. Go under the bridge on the straight with 280 on the clock
    and its still accelerating

    AMCN mag got one to 320 at Avalon when they first came out
    Pretty neat looking VK Smitty.
    Ex Police?...What have you done to it,..engine specs & power?

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    Tow the van and soon to be car

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pickles View Post
    Pretty neat looking VK Smitty.
    Ex Police?...What have you done to it,..engine specs & power?
    geez Martin
    apologies as I totally missed yr post back then ...

    yes, genuine VK Interceptor ( I have the plates stored away and the police auction receipt from the guy I bought the car from)

    has been turned into a Grp A race replica (circa Brocks 1985 race car)
    304 ci 5 litre 4 speed ( I am running a 'rebuilt by me with some tricks' Aussie M21)
    Holden large Salisbury with spool race axles and 3.36 gears

    Fully adjustable suspension front and rear, no rear bar most of the time , Bilstein shocks
    and a VR style 'up link' front bar, std rear brake calipers, VT twin pot front brakes
    both with slotted rotors and braided lines. I run Ferodo Motorsport DS2500 pads
    The car has either 16" or 17" semi slicks or slicks depending on track and weather

    stripped interior, race seat & harness, modified electrics with battery on rear passenger floor + kill switch
    car has fully approved CAMS roll cage and is also log booked

    Engine... is a VL 304 has had the works ( the original engine died from internal corrosion after 2 years of track work)
    lined bored, deck squared, VERY expensive baffled and gated 'winged' sump (8.5 litre capacity) modified internal oiling, oil pump (and cooler) with interior polished and painted and drain backs enlarged, all bolts now studs, A9L VN style rods with Mahle 'hyper' pistons +20 , 7 kg steel flywheel, engine is fully balanced

    heads are large valve VL (original B Casts are safely wrapped up and tucked away) with a clean up and a machine skim to raise compression (approx 10.6) and new valves with a 3 angle cut, runs a Crane 304 Hydraulic cam at present, Crane anti pumps ups + Crane roller rockers, double row timing chain (of course!)

    Engine has a 'rare as hens teeth' Duggan mid level single plane inlet manifold + modded Quaddie carb (by me), 7/16" fuel lines
    and 2 electric pumps (mech pump is gone!) tweaked HEI ignition, race leads and AC platinum plugs, HDT GrpA extractors into 2.5" Y pipe system (like VK Grp As ran) and large single muffer (coz all race tracks now have noise limits )

    Cooling system is large alloy rad, standard Holden water pump and head back coolant flow ... to avoid the dreaded 'blown; head gasket syndrome suffered by Holden V8s due to poor coolant flow causing steam pockets at the rear of teh head and block

    Last dyno run .. with 98 PULP about a year, 18 mths ago it made 224 rwkw @6600 (about 305hp at the wheels)
    ( I up shift at 6500 on race days) Runs 1.31 pb at sandown and 2.02 pb at Phillip Island I mainly run in Supersprints
    and Sprint events.. plus the odd Hillclimb and Reliability Relay. Car weighs 1220kg wet

    cupla pics...

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    nice ride Smitty

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