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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxmad View Post
    Sorry if this is a dumb question (and for taking 3 days to ask it) - but on $113,000, doesn't LCT calculate out at $14660 (not $13327)??
    I got the same....what's a grand or so between friends eh?

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    thats why i'm not an accountant

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    Quote Originally Posted by markalan1two View Post
    thats why i'm not an accountant
    What - isn't this the accountant's forum? I must be in the wrong place

    I sometimes think we need a degree in accounting to understand how dealers arrive at their prices! There is a conversation going on over at Just Commodores right now regarding driveaway prices on the new special edition Commodores. Wow - LCT, GST, ITC, FBT, RRP ... impact of on these of trading in a car ... etc etc. The mind boggles (and the acronyms are growing by the second)! It did raise an interesting minor point though for anyone ordering a GTSR or W1 ... and that is that GST thresholds and LCT thresholds usually increase every year on July 1st ... potentially having a small positive impact on the end price you would pay for a vehicle to be delivered after that date. It might only save a thousand dollars (in total - assuming you get benefit from both) - but every bit helps AND if you are trying to decide between a June delivered vehicle and a July delivered one ... why not go July and maybe have a few dollars spare for your Opticoat or GTechniq or whatever the latest greatest protector is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by white_lie View Post
    Take it to the tyre thread you lot!

    Wonder what tyre they will use for the gtsr

    Kidding kidding back to topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonny View Post
    Wonder what tyre they will use for the gtsr

    Kidding kidding back to topic.
    Black ones

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