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    Quote Originally Posted by markost View Post
    Bit of a shame Pickles. I've seen other forum members pay the RRP or slightly less for the current gen of vehicles and have a few acquaintances pay no more than RRP for GTSR's. Must be a "dealer by dealer" thing..
    For sure you are absolutely correct.
    All I'm saying is that as production draws to a close, pricing will firm up, and BIG TIME.....At "the end" I rreckon buyers will be paying stupid money just to get one.
    Just IMHO of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markost View Post
    Am I missing something here or is 112k for a tourer damn expensive ?
    Ridiculously, I'm surprised the demand is so high they can demand these prices on the none GTS-R/W1 stuff. Personally I'd just go second hand out of principle.

    Edit: heaps of reasonably priced tourers

    (Search price highest to lowest)
    Personally I'd pay 83K for a new 2016 one over 103k for a new 2017 plated one. But hey we all do what we want with our money eh..
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    Just putting this up there.

    I have a maloo gtsr white in manual on order. Circumstances have changed and would like to get out of the contract. If anyone knows anyone that would be interested happy to just transfer the contract not looking to make any money or anything.

    Gold coast and just less than 110k

    Thanks guys hope this isn't out of place here. If it is just delete.
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