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    Quote Originally Posted by markost View Post
    Bit of a shame Pickles. I've seen other forum members pay the RRP or slightly less for the current gen of vehicles and have a few acquaintances pay no more than RRP for GTSR's. Must be a "dealer by dealer" thing..
    For sure you are absolutely correct.
    All I'm saying is that as production draws to a close, pricing will firm up, and BIG TIME.....At "the end" I rreckon buyers will be paying stupid money just to get one.
    Just IMHO of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markost View Post
    Am I missing something here or is 112k for a tourer damn expensive ?
    Ridiculously, I'm surprised the demand is so high they can demand these prices on the none GTS-R/W1 stuff. Personally I'd just go second hand out of principle.
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