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    Quote Originally Posted by maloogts View Post
    Really, with everything else they have given us. Ok
    Its a 10 year old design, they've had long enough to fix it

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    Holden/HSV should have done a proper update when the VF arrived just like they did with the LED treatment to the Wagon tail lights.... and then HSV should have taken that opportunity to do the same LED theme to the tailgate .... would have looked pretty sweet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pickles View Post
    That doesn't surprise me!, but I think it was up in Mid-Northern NSW somewhere,.....maybe google can reveal?
    it was in holbrook.
    i looked at at in 2002 on my way to the melbourne f1.
    the car was still brand new on the floor and still came with the full factory warranty.
    it was $52k when i asked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtsr 0/33 View Post
    thanks for the reply
    So who do you call to ask about a free 9 month service, when you buy an expensive new car, then rx a letter telling you the rockers need replacing? This is not a recall, its the CSP lol, but if you don't get it done you will not have the part covered under warranty, if you don't allow your car to be test driven post the repairs to your new car, same as you have not allowed the complete repair to be carried out. Is this a Holden HQ - Fishermans Bend issue or HSV? The LSA is HSV purchased and sold but its Holden fitted? the first and last I believe, the LS9 went back to being HSV fitted.
    I like to get what I may be entitled to! I have had the repairs done at a local HSV workshop, when I asked about the free service, they did not seem to know anything, but I could not afford to buy at this dealer, maybe that's the small price I will have to pay, no free service. In saying all that, the fixed price servicing has now gone over the top even the 60k service is not good value for money, and is your car worth more getting all the services done and done at the dealer , no b way bull s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RCBVFGTS View Post
    Yes they will. Page 13/17 of PDF for dealerships states the following;-

    Dealer Responsibility

    Whenever a vehicle subject to this Customer Satisfaction Program enters your vehicle inventory, or at anytime is present for service, you are obliged to take the steps necessary to ensure this Customer Satisfaction Program correction has been made prior to selling, releasing or returning the vehicle to the customer

    Customer Management Strategy (For both Holden and HSV affected vehicles)

    The following initiatives can be used to minimize customer dissatisfaction:
    Complimentary service

    All affected customers will receive a complimentary service. Dealers are encouraged to inform customers.
    The initial letter notifying customers of this CSP will include an offer of a complimentary service.
    Further details to follow.
    Towing services (if requested by the customer)
    Towing services can be claimed at no charge to the dealer. Please refer to the Warranty Information section of this document for claim details.
    Towing services can be both ways (i.e pickup and delivery).
    Please obtain Warranty Department approval if total towing costs exceed $250.
    Normal process applies.
    Customer Notification
    GM Holden will write to all affected owners in the week commencing the week of 11 Dec 2017 (for Holden vehicles) and 18 Dec 2017 (for HSV vehicles), to advise them of this Customer Satisfaction Program and request they make a booking at their preferred dealership. Copies of the customer letters are attached.

    I have a 200km/2hr drive each way from the dealership with the speed most of the time 110kmh so I will 100% be utilising the towing services both way as I'm not risking stuffing the engine if one of those rocker arms fail.

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