Bit of an update: waiting for the rotating assembly and block to get back from machinist. he is waiting on a tool so he can measure the windows in piston accurately, dont ask me what that means. i think because he does block work in a cnc it has something to do with it.
It should have been back ages ago but piston ordered were wrong so had to get another set.
The bores had a ring groove at TDC which had to be honed out, there was also signs of fuel washing the bores. i wont mention who the tuner was.
The rotating assembly has been balanced with flywheel, clutch and harmonic balancer attached.
Once the parts are back ,hopefully by wednesday, it will take a few weeks to get together. Builder said it takes him about 20hrs to build the engine, but have to allow a week waiting on the cam ,once its specced.

These new heads should work really well, small port ,high velocity
Lift Intake Exhaust
.200 160 123
.300 232 181
.400 300 226
.500 351 247
.600 387 260
.650 396 265
.700 404 268
.750 410 271