To the Moderators of this site, I hope you will allow me to place this ad here and if there is anything that needs changing please let me know and I will comply immediately. For this I thank you.

I initially bought this car nearly two years ago now. It was owned by my best mate who was just beginning his terrible journey with cancer. He is a full on ‘car guy’ who always looked after his cars and like myself, can never leave a car in its standard condition.
He was starting to bear the strain of low funds that anyone with any type of serious illness experiences, so I bought his car even though I didn’t need one, but more because he needed the money.

My original plan was to ‘do it up’ and then give it back to him all nice and “new” again. Unfortunately his condition is now terminal and has gone to where cars are the least of his worries and funds are.

Anyhow….about the car. It is a ’92 VQ Holden Statesman auto with just over 188,800 original kilometres on the clock. I will try to post some pics which were taken before I began to strip it down to receive the new and reconditioned parts. To list them all here would take up far too much space, but if anyone is interested they can either message me here or contact me via email. then I will give out my phone number so I can really describe everything in detail. Btw, the car is located in Goulburn NSW.

My initial plan was to bring the car up to Calais standard so I spent months slowly gathering parts both new and used to achieve this. At the moment the interior is still to be reassembled, but I have already colour sanded and buffed the whole car, bought new mags and tyres as well as a completely new leather interior.
This is where I am up to as it stands now. Because my friend has deteriorated so rapidly, I now know I will be unable to complete the car “in time”.

I have put literally thousands into this vehicle and know I will lose out big time by selling it now, but that is my burden to bear. My dear friend means more to me than money. So if someone wants to grab a fantastic bargain I will let it go for the highest price I can raise over $3,500, otherwise I will continue reconstructing it, but then the price will go up accordingly.
Btw, there is still heaps of Rego left on the car

Thank you.