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    Quote Originally Posted by Graydz View Post
    Ok no problem

    As I said I love my car and am p***ionate about it.

    As are you letís all bloody enjoy them

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    Here here
    Car looks awesome and making decent power.
    For a second there i did the typical multiply KW by 1.34 and thought ohh sh1t!!!
    So i double checked it with a proper KW to HP calculator.

    497.7 x 1.34 = 666rwhp

    497.7 x 1.34102 = 667rwhp
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    Quote Originally Posted by Graydz View Post
    Yes at the wheels with torque converter they say itís the equivalent to about 530 to the wheels.

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    Unreal,..driving would be very "enjoyable"!
    Enjoy, Pickles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GenF-GTS View Post
    I'm not bashing you, your car or APS at all.
    I'm explaining how water meth injection works and what "can" go wrong. That the marriage of the system can result is a disastrous divorce and no matter the fail safes it "can" result in catastrophic failure....depending on how much the methanol is being relied on as a fuel source.

    I am also in no way comparing water meth injection to a chiller, the HP gains provided from water meth are very small, the chiller sales will be fine, hence i didn't bother mentioning chillers.

    I'm simply voicing an opinion on the dangers of such a system where a secondary fuel is relied on during WOT "boosted" circumstances to achieve a desired AFR and that should a failure of any kind occur it can be a big issue.

    As said I've tested it on my own car, and on my own car I choose to run a water injection system...simply for combustion temps, that has a very minimal HP gain. And 100% methanol was also tested along with 50/50 water meth.

    The decision to run straight water on my own car was simply for combustion cooling, people are welcome to taste the water as thats all thats in there. No chance i'll lean off my fueling for a system that could fail or i could forget to turn on, fill up or leak.

    We even have customers that run straight meth injection combined with a chiller its a 1+1 situation and results in more HP being gained. I'm not against people running meth, it's their cars they do what they like.
    I appreciate your post regarding meth systems it was informative

    Ive seen number of guys that had meth go up in flames under the hood

    Also the fact that factory cars sometimes have water injection which tells you how realiable and safe it is

    I personally wouldnt use meth based on the mentioned risks

    Water itself will give good gains and safe

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