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    So I never get a chance to give it a little against someone on the street so I drove the GTS all day yesterday.... Nothing
    Went to pick up the daughter from a party last night around 11pm so I decided to take the Golf, excellent choice.... Stopped at the lights for the on ramp onto the M5.....two lanes, me on the inside into a 90' turn then about 200m run into a single lane then onto the motorway. As I sit there another car pulls up on my outside. I see he is nudging forward, hoping to beat me to the single lane.... Switch into sports mode, realising I will have a slow start as it won't kick over until the car moves...... Light goes green and off he goes, I am still sitting there as there is lag in normal Drive...... As I finally start rolling forward he is already turning...... Sport mode kicks in..... I power into the corner and can feel the AWD gripping the road as I keep the foot to the floor...... I pass him 3/4 of the way through the corner..... I can see him struggling with his front wheel drive putting power down and maintaining grip..... By the time we straighten up I am now 2 car lengths ahead and pulling away...... Enter the motorway cruising at 120..... 3 seconds later I am treated to a ricer fly by at full noise..... Chalk up another win for the Golf
    next time try launch control - there is still a second lag from releasing your foot, unless you get a DSG tune

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    Even with launch control activated, because I had already stopped it wouldn't work unless I drove a little then activated it.

    I don't get any significant lag in sport mode, just an eternity in drive!

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