Hi guys.
Haven't been on here for ages but I found something the other day you may be interested in. I took my door trim off the other day on my E3 Maloo and it started raining. I closed the door and continued to take the speaker out only to find a steady stream of water coming through the window seal closest to the side mirror. Now I'm sure that some water should get through but not this much. Someone had backed into that door 2 years previously and I had it repaired. I went back to the panel beater who repaired it thinking it was a dodgy job but they said take the other door trim off and I'd find the same thing. And I did. The cars only 3 years old. I replaced the seals on both doors on weekend but haven't had a chance to retest. It might pay to check this out on your cars if your interested or have aftermarket speakers with no covers over them to stop getting wet. By the way. The smart ass panel beater added "it's still a Holden mate".