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    muscle cars running the quarter mile wsid sat 28/6/14

    anyone around sydney this will probably be the only time you will see anything like this.
    nsw muscle car association has privately hired wsid for the australian muscle car shootout.
    this will also be covered by australian muscle car magazine
    factory original muscle cars running the 1/4 mile what a site
    there will be everything from hk327 gts's,gtho's,brocks,group a's,w427 xu1's, gen f gts (mine) and everything in-between
    this will be great to see and even better to hear tru aussie muscle from the 60s to current.
    it will definitely be worth a look see for any true enthusiast.

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    Thanks, will def try to make it

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    well it was a great day and some awesome cars to boot
    i weighed in at 1970kg car and driver and managed a 12.1@120mph in the stock gts manual so I'm pretty stoked

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