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    This is alittle different topic, but generally when looking at a car yard dealership ie holden. A used car, when putting down an offer how much below the price is what s dealer would consider?? I have of late been going off redbool value and going abit of that when negotiating on a price with a dealer with no luck. A example was a VY clubsport at dealership was 21880 , got it down to 16880 then put down 15 g offer , they wouldn't take it. A few weeks later now the car is still there at 15888 , so my guess is they would take15500. So any salesman here can elaborate more on best way for buyers to get the best deal on a car or way on dealing with yards??

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    Cheapest equivalent car on car sales, you can show them on the spot, but first make sure it's cheaper, also if it's in another state throw the line in, I can get any car to me for $500 on a truck carrier. You only use that one when they say yeah but that car is in X state. Etc

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