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09-04-2012, 05:07 PM
Hi all,

New to the forum and this is my first post.

I'm looking into upgrading the crappy stock speakers in my vy 2 clubsport. I was going to go with
Alpine because autobarn had them on sale at 30% off.

However whilst shopping around elite car stereo in Canberra put me onto
A brand called Polk! I listened to them and they sound awesome. Crap on pioneer and the alpine
Ones I was going with.

$260 front 6" with tweeters.
$140 rear 6" with internal tweeters.

Anyone heard of this brand before?

09-04-2012, 05:42 PM
Firstly, welcome mate. This place has heaps of info and great people with knowledge in all areas.

I too have heard good things about Polk audio. Are you looking at amplifying or just changing the speakers? If you are only changing the speakers, I would think that the differences between these brands would hardly be noticeable given that the factory unit is probably around the 10 watts RMS mark.

09-04-2012, 06:35 PM
as said above. good speakers will only make a diference if u run them thru an amplifier.this will also mean u will have to change the head unit.if u dont. not much point to the change really.

09-04-2012, 06:46 PM
Not true...
I ran my system for a very long time with the factory head unit, using a decent quality hi-low level conveter.
An amplifier will definately bring them to life though.

Polk are a good brand, I would prefer them over the Alpine Type R's or similar. But audio is a very personalised thing, the brand doesn't matter quite so much. Go with what you think sounds good, not what the salesman is pushing to sell.

10-04-2012, 10:47 AM
Forget Alpine........full stop. Go Morel for depth of range or Polk if you just want LOUD. lol
I got Morel splits in the front and 2 ways on the parcel shelf. Be putting Polk coaxials in the rear doors soon.
My advice would be to upgrade the speakers then chuck in an amp if you still want more......which you will. That being said I'd be looking at Sonic Electronix on-line and getting your amp from the states at a fraction of the cost.

ron kingsley
10-04-2012, 11:50 AM
your the man stewie!!...lol...i learnt something too...:D

29-06-2013, 05:19 PM
Hey Stewie can you please point me in the direction of a Good Polk D amp on ebay im going to pu the db6501s in the front and polk db651s in the back what are you thoughs please, im keeping the stock head unit.