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16-01-2012, 01:07 PM
just been browsing the net and came across the dry lakes racing site in south australia, and having a look through their land speed records and under the production ute category it has a 2003 BA Ford Ute clocked at 175.080Mph (281.764 kph) set in 2010. now i know Skaifey set a world record in 2004 with the VZ R8 Maloo at 168.6656 mph (271.44kph). now the rules on their site say the car has to be stock aerodynamics but Choice of camshafts, carburetion, and ignition is unlimited. Cylinder heads are limited to original number of valves and port configuration. now im sure there is someone down in SA with a ute that has had a bit of cam work done that could knock the ford off the record spot. just thought i would share as it sounds like a bit of a fun weekend and you could get a world land speed record from it. and for those that are interested the records for production class B (6.11-7.19L engines) 72 HQ Holden Statesman 177.909Mph (286.317 kph) and class C (5.01 - 6.10 L engines) 68 HK Holden Monaro 217.155 Mph (349.477Kph).

16-01-2012, 05:11 PM
The Maloo that did that run was stock standard.

Is that BA ute stock? I think not.