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15-06-2011, 01:38 PM
I've tried to put together some instructions to help people upgrade their speakers in their VEs. Having put the car back together, I realised I forgot to take photos of a couple steps so I'll describe them best I can. It's more about pulling the car apart rather than wiring it up. Please feel free to add comments or additional photos if you think it will help.

Tools required:
Philips head screw driver
T25 Torx key
Whatever you need to hook in to the factory speaker wire (wire stripper, crimper, etc)

We'll start with pulling apart the dash. Most of the pics are self explanatory. Most panels are just clipped in and just require a bit of a pull.
Unplug the light switch.
For access behind the stereo, pull these panels downwards.
The speaker wires are up where my silver and gold wire runs to.
I picked these little male clips up from **** Smith. They fit in snuggly into the factory wiring loom which means there's no cutting into the factory wiring. As added protection I've put electrical tape around each one to make sure they don't touch each other and run tape across the w**** loom to make sure they don't pop out
Before pulling out this panel, you need to remove the plastic that runs along the seat rail. Push the seat forward and jump into the back seat. There you have access to the small rear portion of the panel. Pull it up towards you. Once out, grab the rear of the larger piece and pull it upwards until it unclips. Push the seat all the way back and then pull the panel towards the front of the car until it slides out. Then you can pull up the panel pictured below.
Remove T25 screw.

Now for the doors. These are the rear doors. The only difference between these and the front doors is the power window switch and the rear doors have two screws in the door handle.
Screws along the bottom.
Pull the door towards you from the bottom. It will need a good hard yank. Double check you've removed all screws beforehand.
Then pull it towards you from the top.
Remove the door handle and lock cables first
Then remove the power windows plug. It's a biatch, the release is on the inside so it helps to have small fingers.

Back seat removal. Sorry about the lack of photos. Just pull it upwards as pictured below. It is clipped in in two places so pull it up from where my hand is and the same on the other side. It will need a good hard pull. Once you remove the base, you can see the backs are bolted down the bottom with two 13mm nuts. Remove these then slide the back upwards then pull it towards you.

That's really all I have for pulling the car apart. Everything else is pretty straight forward but please feel free to add anything I've missed.

Here's the speaker wiring details. Please note that the -/+ is opposite to what I posted a few weeks ago in another thread. I originally used the other details which I got from LS1.com but when I plugged them into the new amp using the high level input, they didn't work as the amp wiring uses a shared ground wire to the body for the speaker connection. It therefore confirmed that what I thought was positive wires were actually negative.

RF - Light Green
RF + Dark Green

LF - Brown
LF + Grey

RR - Dark Blue
RR + Light Blue

LR - Brown
LR + Yellow/Red Stripe

15-06-2011, 06:40 PM
That is going to be handy for a lot of people.

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Can't believe no one else has commented on this, but this is an awesome post

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I think it's because most places will fit speakers for free.

19-09-2014, 09:51 AM
Can't believe no one else has commented on this, but this is an awesome post

LOL, I'd forgotten how little appreciation I'd received for this post. Thanks for the thumbs up. Haven't been here for a while. Hope everyone in the HSV Forum are well.

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Always appreciative when DIY's are listed up, especially with pics!

Something to note and unaware if you did, its best to disconnect the centre speaker above your gauge pod when upgrading speakers

19-09-2014, 03:04 PM
I too used this thread to redo my system,thanks for a great post. Very helpful to me.

06-03-2015, 08:40 PM
LOL, I'd forgotten how little appreciation I'd received for this post. Thanks for the thumbs up. Haven't been here for a while. Hope everyone in the HSV Forum are well.

Any idea if the wiring you supplied for the speaker high level outputs are the same in an E3 clubby with Holden IQ system???

Also did you remove the tweeter dash covers?


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Cheers really helpful thanks :)

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Have to save this helped alot. Thanks