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12-03-2011, 10:29 PM
Hey guys,

Not sure if this has been discussed in previous threads, however I am looking to add an R8 Tourer (09 model) to the mix. Understanding it is an R8 in Wagon form, has anyone heard of any issues, performance or otherwise, on this particular model?
Does the term R8 mean performance upgrades on the previous lesser Clubsport version? I.e. Six pot brakes Vs standard four pot version, etc, etc...?

13-03-2011, 08:20 AM
The R8 Tourer is 99% same specs as an R8 Clubsports sedan, there is still options available 20" Wheels/Leather package, reverse camera, Bimodal on newer versions etc.
They have same 4 spot Brakes as Clubby R8, same type of suspension tune, same engine/G'box box/diff ratios. The interior is nearly identical other than a fold down rear seat and big boot.
I reckon they are a great thing with one exception, the back end of the car looks too much like the standard exec, SS etc for my liking it is not HSV enough for me.
IMO they should have given it a tough back end compared to the standard car like the Maloo.
The R8 badge has unfortunately stopped meaning anything since the VE release...everything is an R8 now compared to the VT-VZ where it meant, leather, big brakes, better suspension etc.

13-03-2011, 11:33 AM
Richo, interesting point you make re the rear of the Tourers. Just before the E2 was released, myself and a few others from LS1 were invited to Clayton for a sneak-preview of the new range (I think it was about two days prior to public release, so not really that 'sneaky') and the Tourer was discussed quite a lot. We were told that the process of a re-design the rear end, for the volume of units they expected to sell, was simply not cost effective and that was why it was left as almost standard, apart from a couple of trim pieces. They mentioned ADR compliance (tail-lamp design, etc), crash testing, etc, etc as being cost prohibitive for the number they expected to sell

I like these rigs and if I was to be tempted by an E Series, then it would only be for a Tourer - manual, in Poison Ivy!!!