View Full Version : HSV e3 EDI questions

31-01-2011, 01:06 PM
Hi all
newbi... diffucult i know
firstly does the e2 have edi with the power gauge

how does the edi power gauge work on the e3 is it like gforce etc
dial in car specs weight ands what not, works off gps

does it measure flywheel kw or rear wheel kw
and i also notice on the edi guide on hsv web site that it only goes up to 350kw im assuming the small screen under the displayed gauge goes up by 1kw at a time how far will this go max reading is it 350kw or more and if only 350kw could it be moded to go further
i want forced induction
i like lots and lots of power :)
how accurate are they over many power runs
this determines the last tick in the box if i go this way or not