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12-01-2011, 01:27 PM
I've recently bought a 2007 E1 Clubsport and seem to have a problem with the stereo distorting at reasonably low volume levels (from the subs I think).

I've read some of the other post about the sub amp and wonder if the previous owner has stuffed around with this and maybe even blown a sub/ speaker.

Is anyone with a stock stereo able to tell me what volume they are able to turn their stereo up to without it distorting considerably. I can only turn it up to about 19 22 without distortion which seems to only be about 1/3rd of the max volume.

Any help will be much appreciated.

12-01-2011, 02:30 PM
Hey mate I usually play mine on -1,-2 b*** -1rear and I can pump it up to 59 61 no problems. Go to audio settings and play with those DDM or something n two other options. I got mine all on OFF I found that to be an issue n now I'm happy

13-01-2011, 05:26 AM
WE44PN is right on there.
If the b*** is on +1 you are asking for a 3 decibel increase in b***, to gain three db you have to double the power to the speaker. So if the amp is capable of producing say 50 watts at full volume, you have now asked it to produce 100 watts at full volume which it can't do and that will cause it to clip which is the distortion you may be hearing.
When you use the EQ it also adjusts the b*** and treble.
So plus 1 on the b*** means you can only play it half as loud before you get distortion.

If the gain on the amp has been turned up, this will also clip the amp and cause distortion.

The voice coil in a speaker can also be damaged, it can still work, but will distort because of the impedance it is showing to the amp. When the impedance gets low it asks the amp to produce more power, thus also causing distortion.
Hope this helps!:cool:

13-01-2011, 01:07 PM
Thanks for the help guys, I tried this last night.

I turned the b*** and treble to -2 and -1, and made sure all the other settings were off. Volume only got up to about 35 before I could hear the subs distorting.

I think the voicecoil must be damaged as said by Gunsrunenr. It all sounds fine and not under strees and then I turn it up one extra notch and then it starts distorting. Even when I turn it back down after that it sometimes keeps distorting.

Anyone know where I can get replacement subs from and how much I can expect to be slugged? or is it better just to get some aftermarket ones?

LS3 050
14-01-2011, 09:05 AM
I'd go aftermarket for sure. You'd pick up better quality subs for the same price, if not cheaper.

14-01-2011, 11:51 AM
If it keeps distorting after turning down, it could be the amp or sub, the amp will overheat if it is bad or if the sub is nealy blown and this could cause it to clip when turned back down. You could test it with known good subs to tell. Maybe try a wreckers $50 for two i reckin. Or maybe you know someone whos changed them out. I think they are the same subs from VT up.

I would not pay for another Holden subwoofer, but you do have to be careful what you buy.
When chosing the sub or subs(is it both), you need to chose ones that have a high sensitivity.
Most subs are quoted with sensitivity around 88db to 96db per 1 watt per meter. This means the sub produced say 90db with 1 watt of power(pink noise) at 1 meter distance from microphone.
The higher the sensitivity the easier it is to drive the speaker and the less power you can get away with.
I'd guess the factory amp is not real powerful, so choose a sub with high sensitivity.
They are also working in a free air enviroment( no Box ), which also helps raise the sensitivty. No air to pressurize without a sealed box.
Depending on how loud you want it, now could be a good time to go 12inch sub in a box. 8 inch subs IMHO are not big enough!!!!

23-01-2011, 06:42 AM
I can get mine to about 35-40 volume with b*** on +3 and gain on the amp just above half. I wouldn't be able to even hear the subs on -2. You may want to check the gain level on the amp in case the previous owner cranked it up full ball. The amp is on the left of the boot next to the battery. There is a little dial on the under side of it.

From what you've said though, there's a good chance they're fried. Do your research on replacement subs. There aren't a huge amount of 8 inch subs on the market and of the ones available, only a few will actually fit without any mods. Check out the audio section on LS1.com.au and do a search for VE subs. There's a few people that have done the upgrade. From memory, JL audio are the ones to get but I can't be sure