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10-09-2010, 04:56 PM
Hello all,

Just got the E2 Maloo back from Prestige Auto Dent at Artarmon. I bought the car ex demo at a stupildy discounted rate as a) it was a demo with 1400k on the clock and b) it had a tiny dent in the rear panel near the petrol tank.

After I got the car home I noticed another very minor dent/panel imperfection and the Sail panels were in a very nasty condition.

After a good paint an polish I noticed that the paint work itself was in very poor condition with hairline scratches on most panels that whilst could only be seen in light at certain angles, indicated to me that whom ever washed the car on the lot did not have a clue how to was a car correctly......

So after alot of Meguires X and sore shoulders I decided that it needed a professional.

A mate of mine works at the local Audi dealership and he suggested I go see Prestige Auto Dent at Artarmon.

First up, great bunch of guys ar Prestige!! Very professional.

I showed them the issues and they explained each and every one to me and how they would fix it. The sail panel issue as it turns out was most likely from the factory where by someone had finished off the 2000 grade Sand Paper and simply not buffed it enough.....

Any way, I was quoted a great price to fix the dents and then we discussed how we could restore the paintwork.

I was shown the gtechniq product which Prestige had recently converted to as it was much cheaper, required far less effort to apply and lasted three to four times longer than most paint protection on the market. After a little research (http://www.gtechniq.com/shop/3s-for-cars/exterior-coatings/c1-crystal-lacquer/) I decided to go for it, escpecially when last year alone I had spent close to $900 of wax and paint cleaning products for my last car and god knows how many hours lost rubbing!!!!

So for two dent removals, entire car machine polish and two coats for gtechniq C1 for under $800 I must say the result is increadible!!! Much better than I antisipated!!

Never have I been able to achieve a shine and deapth to the paint work like this on any of my cars over the years, and over the years I have used some very expensive stuff. All my panels are restored to better than factory condition and better yet I dont have to reapply for at least 3 years depending on how often it is left outside (which is never unless driving). And to top it all off.....no more waxing.....ever!!!!

It is raining in sydney and will post pics soon. But man, did the water bead off!!! Almost evaporated!! HEHE!!!

I know alot of people doubt paint protection and even I refused it when I bought the car....but I am converted that is for sure!!!