View Full Version : Suggestions on front speaker placement

VQ Cruiser
23-06-2010, 05:48 PM
OK so I have an HSV VQ5000i which I kinda need to upgrade the audio on. However, I want to keep the interior as stock as I can, because of the rareness of the car.

The front speakers are located in the corners of the dash and hold stock 4" speakers. The doors dont have any pods so putting the speakers in the doors would require cutting the door liner, which I want to avoid doing if I can. Unless most people think that doing so wont affect the value of the car down the track (in the eyes of a collector etc)

I am unsure if I can get bigger sized speakers in the stock spots and Im pretty sure there aren't any decent options for aftermarket 4" speakers.

I could put some 6.5" components in the kick panels and have the tweeters in place of the stock speakers perhaps? Maybe get custom pods or something?

I was suggested to try VR/VS door trims because they have a door pod, but the air conditioning vents are on the door panels to, unlike my car where they are still on the dash.

Any suggestions would be great. Fortunately, I have time to do this because I need the money to buy some speakers for the front and back and already have what I need from my old car (sub, amp, head unit). And I need to fix everything else first!!

Thanks in advance!