View Full Version : A few questions relating to buying a new HSV E Series 2

16-02-2010, 11:10 PM
Hello fine people. I'm new to this foram and have a few questions to ask. Even though they have probably been asked before sometime. I am planningon buying a new HS E Series 2 sometime in the next 2 months. I am not sure on the model. Either Maloo or Clubsport? Colour as like Phantom (Black) and Voodoo (Blue) but like black more but not sure as of how hard they are to keep clean and scratch easily and so forth. Also weather to get leather or not? An a big one is an audio upgrade aftermarket and the options you can do? And last of all where is the best dealer to get a deal from considering allot of you probably reasearched a hell of allot.

Any inf that I can get would be of help.


16-02-2010, 11:26 PM
Definitely black. Better resale value...not that you will be wanting to sell it :lol: Are hard to keep clean as in the colour shows the dirt quicker but if you'rs like the rest of us you'll be onto it every spare second you get and loving it. As for the swirls and sctratches...just be picky about the cloths you use, products you use and how you do it. Some really good threads in the Show and Shine section.
Major scratches that happen not cleaning related wil be from all the fidiots that you come across in carparks etc and good luck with that...they don't care what colour your ride is...if it's there they'll hit it :mad:
Clubby or Marloo? Gee dude...how many people do you want to drive around verses how much luggage do you pack?
Welcome and good luck with it. Don't forget to take lots of pics when you get it and post them up pronto.:D

19-02-2010, 12:49 PM
I have a Phantom E2 and when its clean it looks brilliant.
It does not take much, maybe 2 days before it can look dirty. If you can garage it then thats good.
Scratches are not a problem ive seen. In fact the paint is very good.
The car gets extremelly hot on 30 degree + days so get a deflector.
As far as leather goes in my opinion you cant beat it.
Both my previous cars had leather and 3 years later on each it looks just as good. I dont treat it. I only wash with water if theres dirt. Gearbox and clutch is way better than previous models. Shorter shift is good as well.