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23-10-2009, 10:57 PM
Hey all...

Need some advice.. I had my car cleaned and polished by some idiots on the north shore of Perth.

Now there is Buff Marks / swirls in it...

I took it down the Shacks Holden today and the head panel shop guy ( Peter ) said not good !!!. He said the guy who buff this we know, and he is a ex spray painter, not a polisher !!!

I just wanted to warn others about using there guys as Ive told them i want my money back and you can pay for someone else who knows how to fix it and what there doing. And i will tell and show others your poor job on wrecking me new VE Maloo.

The buff swirls are mainly on the edge of the hard lid and the back tailgate.

I will get some photos up soon for you to see what these idiots did.

Just to warn you all tho. warning !!!!

If you live on the North shore of Perth, Do not use these guys !! Unless you want buff marks and a poor job done.

1) Phil from B-Cleaned car wash, left water marks all over it after washing it. Phil was the one who recommend nowax to paint protect it and polish it.

2) Brain from nowax - the one who buffed it and left burn swirl marks in it.

And it pisses me off now he blames Holdens paint / and now telling me it was in a crash... How does a hard lid with buff marks have anything to do with a crash on all 3 sides ???

Who is he going to blame next ??? The Sun !!!

The sad thing is, i was racing out to work and i told brain, " arnt you even going to wash it before you buff it, and i think you need i big light in the garage for this."

But i was late for a meeting and left him to it and raced out the door..

Gzzzz what i mistake !!!!

You can only see these buff swirl marks on a certain angle with the sun..

But im so pissed at this as i want it fix.. i hate driving it around like that, my new toy !!!

MCE motorsport in wangara did mention to me that brian at nowax did he's car a few times on cleaning, no buff.. and it wasnt anything better than doing it yourself.

Just again this set me back a month, as i went for a drive with terry ( MCE ) in he's red maloo and omfg... i want that cam and exhaust upgrade he's got.

Now me and terry have to wait while i fix me panel and paint by some amateurs who certainly dont know nothing about muscle cars and our pride and joys !!!

I have been recommend to use Des from Autofx in Perth. I heard he does wonders. Shacks took some photos today of the hard lid, and i will ask Des to do the same on before and after.. Then i will get the photos up for you all to see this mess.

24-10-2009, 07:55 AM
There are hundreds of people out there that can safely fix your swirl marks. My tip would be to go back to your dealership where you bought the car from and speak to the NEW CAR detailer and take it from there. I know it doesn't give you any great comfort at the moment, but this can be fixed with professional products and experience detailer.

24-10-2009, 12:06 PM
yeah... im amazed these swirl marks are all over the edge of the hard lid. Nearly ever angle you don't see them, just when the sun hits it.

Just a little disappointed here as been new toy, and i work 7 days a week, the car is on the road all over perth looking like that.

www.autofxwa.com/ are looking at it tomorrow and testing a small area.

25-10-2009, 10:42 PM
Well Des from autofx did some work on those swirls..

AND - PERFECT !!!! Mirror mirror on the wall, whos the most perfect maloo of them all.. haha

I will get some photo's up soon to show all before and after ( Brian from nowax and www.autofxwa.com/ )

Des really knows he's stuff !!! I did ask brian for my money back as it looks like someone scrubbed it with sand paper, but he wont :| )

26-10-2009, 10:08 PM
Hate to say it, but I told you so :)
Didn't know you put a thread up here, only on LS1. Good to hear your happy with it now and Des lived up to his name. Throw some pics up when you get a chance for sure

28-10-2009, 10:33 PM
Yeah thanks.. I was a bit pee'd that nowax would NOT return my money and wrecked the car. He wanted to work on it more, i told him forget it and i doubt if i will ever see that money again.

Here are some pics.

See the swirl marks on the hardlid edge.. that is what nowax did.



This is how it use to look one week before when i picked it up of shacks holden.


As soon as autofx does the whole car ( 2 weeks away ) I will post up the pic's of all to see Des ( Autofx ) work...

08-02-2010, 08:14 PM
Hi I'm Brian the one who Propane is complaining about.
What he didn't tell you his so called New VE Maloo was a demo, and when I first saw it, it was a mess.

The whole left hand side had been repaired. from a major prang, there were sink back from bog not cured in the quarter panel. excesive orange peel in front door, the front guard had fish eyes. there were deep scratches on the bonnet, hard lid ( 3 places ) scratches on tail gate, rear bumper and also front R/H door and guard......ect ect

As for washing it, it needed major buffing to get the sink back flat, and remove the scratches.... did he mention no scratches anymore.?
As for light... it was your garage,,,full of crap. plus it was raining....look up the weather report...

I do not do a car unless I'm happy....So I told him when he gets the new skirts,,,which were also damaged and falling off, as well as the rear window panel clips were broken..I will come back and fix the swirl marks,,,,,, easy no probs..I must have said it 3 times...I will fix it

But when someone like myself who has buffed, polished, restored, panel beated, re-sprayed and worked on cars in every Motivation since it has started.... well I'm just not for you...thanks don't ever call me again.

Plus the people who you mention, are either friends / business associates / customers... I'll ask them next time I see them....no rush, probably forget rather work on a real car than a ex demo derby ute

Thats why I bought a new VE ute untouched by others

Brian www.nowax.com.au

09-02-2010, 06:55 AM
so once again we find out the second side of the story.


26-11-2010, 12:05 AM
fair anough to, you have to be careful when bagging someone's business online, you have every right to stand up for your business mate, as said theres two sides to every story, at the end of the day, the maloo im sure is looking smick now and theres no need to engage in any business with each other again :)

26-11-2010, 01:22 AM
propane what do you have to say in your defense?

16-03-2011, 11:58 AM
Thanks guys.
It really annoys me when this is shown on the web.
And Im glad someone has seen both sides to the story.
Like I told the dude 3 times I will fix it after it went back for repairs. If it was me I would have taken it back to where I bought it and ask for paint n panel warranty.....but when someone goes on like a spoiled kid you can only try your best with what you have.
I went to another job last week New Mits Pajero.(black ) wanted Paint Protection.. when I got there it was dirty, scratches down R/Side water stains on roof, told her its not a new car, she said it is a new car.... another demo.
another black problem.
I work on heaps of black cars, from HSV to AMG, $30K to $300k at the end of the day a black car on a hot day 35c the paint temperature is aprox 90c.
Thats why Toughseal out lasts all the others.
It works, its used world wide, and works amazing on black cars.

www.nowax.com.au ( pictures / information)