View Full Version : VY II R8 where is the 9th speaker???

17-05-2009, 03:43 PM
G'day all,
I have just bought a VYII R8 Clubby.
Now I am going through all of the paper work it says it has a 9 Speaker stereo, now I know it has the 2 tweeters in dash top, 2 full range in front doors, 2 full range in the back doors, and an amp in the boot which runs the 2 SubWoofers in the parcel shelf....but where in the hell is the 9th speaker???? There was no grille in the centre of the dash or parcel shelf where I expected it Might be, but I now have no idea. Even redbook etc says 9 speakers etc so I presume it must have them, just not sure where!
Any ideas???