View Full Version : AUTOsports Wakefield Park Track Day May 9th

22-04-2009, 08:22 AM
We had our day at Marulan a couple of weeks back. It's a fantastic little track and my standard Polo definitely embarr***ed some of the big HP cars (the Skyline isn't finished yet - Should be ready for Oran Park though) as it's a real handling circuit (SS Commodore with pro driver was doing 46's and I was doing 48s). The standard tyres were the surprise though, although they weren't really getting all that hot they just didn't wear (although I lost both front wheel centre caps). I've done track days a few years ago and could shred a brand new set of tyres after just a few sessions! It averaged 36L/100km for the day. Ha! I am planning wheels, tyres and suspension next as this seemed to be the biggest limitation. Brakes helf up a lot better than expected although peddle got a bit long by the end of the day. Wakefield Park is on the 9th May. We had a big range of cars there so Wakefield should be just as exciting.

Pics here:


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