View Full Version : Wakefield Track day - Anyone interested

23-07-2008, 01:13 PM
This is just an EOI if anyone from here would like to come along to a Speed Off The Streets day in August with a bunch of other like minded guys.

Dates are being finalised shortly and is probably going to be during a weekday(NOT the weekend), ealry in August.

Reason why not the weekend - is because you get to many race cars & heros in dato120y's thinking they are Peter Brock or **** Johnson and that they own the track. Please believe me when I say this - it's not a lot of fun when your beast costs ~60K or more(new) and theirs is $100 from a wreckers 1 foot off your bumper because they has slick tyres and bloody big turbos in the rust box. :mad:

PM me if interested people. :D