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Insta Finish
12-05-2008, 02:20 PM
As a proud site sponsor of HSV Forum, I would like to extend an invitation to all HSV members to go and check out Insta Finish Car Care at - www.instafinish.com.au

For those of you who are new too or have never heard of Insta Finish, then here's a bit more about us. Insta Finish Car Care products are manufactured in the USA using the latest technology of the millenium, combining that with the most advanced emulsion systems and techniques we achieve world leading Car Care products. Insta Finish Car Care products are sold throughout the world due to their demand, They are used by Race teams through to DIY car guru's.. When you want to achieve exceptional results then you must use exceptional products.


Until the 12th June simply purchase $50 in total in car care products on line and receive a $50+ Polishing Kit -
Inc: Microfiber Polish Applicator, 16oz Insta Creme Conissuire Wax, 5 Soft Terry Towel Polish Clothes, 1 liter Spray Bottle and Trigger, Wheel Brush.
Confirm order with an email and Promo Code: Insta Fin/HSV Deal

We look forward to you using our products soon..