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15-01-2008, 07:27 PM
Hello to all.
Just joined group for first time.
I am a recently retired, totally burnt-out, former small company owner. I don't know much about cars, just drive them.
I bought a HSV VP-GST from a show room floor with 4,000K Feb.1993. Have owned and loved it ever since. Insurance has been a nightmare in the past, so I have been the only driver. Have done 102,000km to date, mostly to & from school with kids upto 10 years ago. Sat in my factory most of time since, with about 4000km per year since. I need to relunctly sell it. Of all the cars I had, this is the last one, because of the good memories.
My Holden loving friends told me to find a good home for it, so here I am. What should I do next?
Need advice wether to do it up first, what its worth etc.
Can look up details on car if it helps. No modifications done, all original as it worked fine for me.

Hope someone can help.

20-04-2008, 11:45 AM
gday cobber i think youll find that 25,000+ for your car as is no probs .xtrmely low k/ms. just get full detail, get paint buffed good luck with the sale would buy it my self if i had the cash 8)