View Full Version : FS: VP V8 exec IRS FE2 - a 1 off build - very rare

25-11-2007, 09:37 PM
FS: VP V8 exec IRS FE2 Cruise Control 17x8's and A/C - a 1 off build - only 83,000 klms - very original. This vehicle was specially produced for the owner. Have original invoice and brochures. Has Performance Enhanced V8 (190kw+....HDT), with HSV VP Clubsport 17x8's supplied new with car. Fitted with IRS and FE2 (HSV spec), with high-spec 4 speed auto (same as fitted to HSV), Calais seats. Has travelled only 83,000klm, serviced every 5,000klm' This car is very quick. Fitted with optional alarm/central locking upgrade with siren and interior sensors. Holden-by-Design accessories in the boot that have never been fitted, bonnet and headlight protectors, roof-bars (with logo), towbar fitted, but never used for towing. Interior rear window venetian. HSV or HDT never acknowledged any VP Executive builds. These one offs were built at GMH as "specials". Price.....negotiable...when you see this car you decide if the price is right.