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23-10-2007, 06:44 PM
First i would like to say thankyou and hello to all HSV forum members from Race Brakes Sydney and i have some opening specials that you may like.

If anyone has an idea on a group buy do not hesitate to contact me and i will do my best to help you out.

First we have some Molycarbide slotted rotors in the 40 and 41 series rotors at $250 a pair (2 rotors)front or rear.The rear rotors are vented and slotted and replace the factory solid disc without any modifications and these rotors are stronger and lighter than the factory ones.
http://img32.picoodle.com/img/img32/6/10/22/t_vtrearmolym_7d6eb69.jpg (http://www.picoodle.com/view.php?img=/6/10/22/f_vtrearmolym_7d6eb69.jpg&srv=img32)
http://img27.picoodle.com/img/img27/6/10/22/t_SUC30067m_3885c8b.jpg (http://www.picoodle.com/view.php?img=/6/10/22/f_SUC30067m_3885c8b.jpg&srv=img27)

Second we have Goodridge braided line kits for the HSV AP Caliper upgrades which include the 6 hoses (not 4 like in the picture) for $380 delivered.The ute's will be dearer as they run a t-piece on the inside rear hose.The hoses are goodridge and can be used on the track unlike some other lines and you have a choice of std colour,black,electric blue and red hoses.Custom hoses and other packages can be made please ask.
http://img27.picoodle.com/img/img27/6/10/22/t_SUC30094m_bd34991.jpg (http://www.picoodle.com/view.php?img=/6/10/22/f_SUC30094m_bd34991.jpg&srv=img27)

Third we have available two piece DBA5000 series 362mm front HSV slotted rotors now for $575each which is far cheaper than the current genuine and AP replacement rotors.
http://img02.picoodle.com/img/img02/6/10/23/f_DBA52102BLKm_f910568.jpg (http://www.picoodle.com/view.php?img=/6/10/23/f_DBA52102BLKm_f910568.jpg&srv=img02)

We can put many packages together for individual cars and drivers from pad and rotor combinations to big brake upgrades so don't hesitate to contact me (Matt) for any advice or help you may need.

Also on special is a brake upgrade consisting of AP Racing 4 piston calipers with 330mm slotted rotors,braided lines and all hardware for the front of all commodores VB to VZ from $2500

NSW 2164
PHONE 02 9609 1101