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15-08-2007, 11:12 AM
Hi, I have a 99 Series II VT Clubsport, and [trying to keep it original] I have recently installed a VX head unit, because it had a crap radio/CD installed when I bought the car.
I have hooked it up to an amp with some better Kenwood spkrs in the back shelf.

My problem is the there are obviously differences between the VX and VT pin outs The VT actually has two loom plugs that go into the back of the HU, one is the standard large loom plug, and there is a smaller loom plug that is not used in the VX HU.

I have it mostly working, but... I have the amp hooked up to the 12v out (Y/R) from the loom, but when changing to CD, the antenna goes down, and TURNS OFF THE AMP?!?! The antenna pinout must be different from the VT to the VX HU.

I have searched high and low to try and find the differences between the two, even went to Strathfield Car Radio, and they were about as helpful as a monkey! To thier credit they tried to help, but knew absolutely zip! How they install expensive units into cars has me astounded!

Can anyone help with what the smaller loom plug is for in the VT, but is not used in the VX HU?

An actual loom diagram for the VT, and one for the VX, showing the pin out and colour codes of the two looms would be great. At least then I can compare the two, and work out how to rewire the loom to suit the VX HU.
The only physical difference between these HU's is the VT has CD & C***ette, and the VX is CD only.

Any help would be grealy appreciated. Thanks guys.

04-09-2007, 08:29 PM
Contact the manufacturer who were more than helpful when I needed it. Not sure if yours is Eurovox or Blaupunt but I spoke to eurovox service division from memory Cheers Brian

26-11-2008, 07:26 PM
The smaller plug block of pins for the VT would be for the optional stacker that went in the boot. The actual pin outs for the power/speakers etc SHOULD be the same in the larger plug block, unless someone has moved them to suit themselves (which is an easy thing to do, but not smart). The main difference is in equipment spec, Exec and Berlina based cars have different plugs to those of the Calais based cars. As for your Amp, relocating it's power wire to the accesories power in (Yellow wire according to my wiring diagram) will allow the amp to turn on and off with the ignition/accessories power.