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21-06-2007, 05:19 PM
hey all,
im new to the forum so id just like to say hello to everyone! Next year for my 21st birthday im going to aim to buy myself either a clubsport or monaro. It will be my daily driven car. Do you guys use your hsv's all day every day? Could be a stupid question but is fuel actually as bad as they say? which would you reccommend out of a clubsport and a monaro? Thanks in advance guys

The Black Mistress
21-06-2007, 07:05 PM
My advice.......just get one.
Either one it depends on what you like. Remember a monaro is not HSV tuned so you dont get the kws, suspension and exclusivity of owning a HSV or if you like the coupe get a GTO.
Third point......drive the damn thing. You want the V8 performance, you want the snarling roar when you open it up, you want the fun, you want a V8? If it cost you an extra $30 a week big deal...bring your lunch to work to save money.
If you are worried about petrol buy a smart car....it will get you from A to B. And when you pull up next to a HSV you can say, 'This car uses less fuel than yours!' *lol*
Drive it normally and passively and you can get about 12-13l/100kms, if you have fun expect 25-30l/100km. In a week of mixed driving I get about 16l/100km. And just to compare my audiV6 AWD with the same style of driving got me 14.5l/100kms thats a saving of $10 per week....woopie dooo
Anyway thats my two bobs worth.
Thanks and good luck

21-06-2007, 07:45 PM
Hi mate, i,ve had three clubbies and now a GTO.You cant go wrong with anything with HSV on it, and the GTO is driven daily!!

25-06-2007, 05:18 PM
hey guys, thanks heaps for the advice makes alot of sence what your saying. Im hanging to get my hands on either a monaro or hsv so pumped for it. Going by what your saying i will probably head more toward tha hsv rather than the monaro, extra power sounds good;) Thansk again boys

25-06-2007, 11:08 PM
G'day young fella,

It's really great that you have the passion and drive to want a HSV and please don't think I am trying to bring you down as that is not my intention. These cars are absolutly brilliant and I am now on my 5th. At your age there are going to be a number of things going against your goal so you need to do your'e homework up front.

1. If you line in NSW, VIC and shortly all other states you are not going to be able to drive it unless you are off your P's and I beleive some states even want to extend it until your 25 to drive a V8 or Turbo.

2. Under 25 you will have great difficulty getting insurance, under 30 it is going to be very expensive.

Other than that "Go For IT"