View Full Version : HSV Club (ACT) Sunday drive to Robertson

21-05-2007, 09:20 PM
Hi all,

Its only a fortnight away and I am looking forward to the best Pies in the world. A very big thanks goes out to Milan who is a new member and has went in feet first to orginize to what is shaping up to be a better day then the last Drive. This is going to be a longest this year but well worth it. We will be meeting up at the shell servo in ****son, there is a large car park on the otherside of it, so we can fuel up and get breakfast at Maccas before hand, and we shouldnt get told off by the service manager there. We should start at about 0830 with a drive time of no latter then 0900. Cruze on to Robertson and have lunch there. Then a short drive to Kiam where the shopping is great. It is a nice town to just walk around. We could return home via the highway or through the kangaroo valley, we will wait till the day to make that decission. All up it should be a great day for everyone.