View Full Version : Bathurst Brock Run

16-02-2007, 08:36 PM
25th Feb " Bathurst Brock Run" The HSV Owners and the HDT Club are doing a joint run up the Mountain.

All of those interested in doing this drive you MUST BE A FINANCIAL MEMBER of the HSV owners Club of NSW.

there has been some BIG changes for the better of the Club over the last couple of months and it will be back to The Good Old Days when we drove our cars with P***ion and Pride !!!!!!!

For those interested in joining the HSV owners Club of NSW please visit our web site at www.hsv.org.au

People with in the Canberra area please contact James at luvhsv@hotmail.com

This will be a great weekend and there will be some great HSVs and HDTs going from all around NSW.