View Full Version : 2004 GTO Aerial Question

06-01-2007, 01:01 AM
Got a question for you guys please.

I have taken out the Factory Blaupunkt 6 Disc unit in my GTO and replaced it with a Kenwood DDX6039 HU.

Finished my install and it turned out excellent bar the radio reception

The Blaupunkt headunit had 2 Aerial Coaxial cable going into it.

Now during the install I traced the 2 aerial cables and 1 cable goes to the Aerial which is amalgamated into the rear window Demister lines. The other coaxial cable goes into a small box on the rear shelf which says on top of it ( Aerial Amplifier).

I connected the Kenwood to the the cable that goes to the rear window.

My radio reception is ok in the city, but I lose reception when I veture out of the city.

Should I somehow connect to the other Coaxial cable as well?

Problem is the Kenwood unit has only 1 coaxial plug like most Head units do, The Kenwood has a seperate wire for Antenna amp , but it is just a single thin wire and not a coaxial cable.
Any ideas please?

My car doesn't have a external aerial as such. The only aerial it has is intergrated into the rear window glass which most of you know