View Full Version : *Underbonnet Accessories from the USA*

23-11-2006, 02:29 PM
As we are all aware our beloved Monaro is being exported to our V8 loving brothers and sisters in the US under the guise of being a Pontiac and to the Poms as a Vauxell.

I seem to have exhausted 'most' avenues in regards to finding engine covers for a LS1 that are a little different from those on ebay. What i am looking for is something in a chrome finish, whether that be that they are stainless/alloy or whatever.....just something that would help to bring out the 'bling' factor under the bonnet!

So the burning question is..........

Does anyone know of any shops/business in Oz or Overseas that may have what i am looking for??

I spoke with Chris Mills Performance here in Perth yesterday and they said one of their customers has been buying stuff from the US for his R8...but didn't know any other details...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

23-11-2006, 08:34 PM
ive done some looking around as well. it looks as though the reason you are not finding anything different, is that the it looks like the ones in the US are also the "LS1" printed dual covers.

By looks of things, if you want something unique, it may be best to get a pair of these, take them to a good fibregl***er and use them as template to make your own ones. you could get what ever you want moulded into them. shouldn't cost any more than a few hundred and would guarantee the uniqueness

just a suggestion