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21-11-2006, 01:07 PM
Hey guys, just a quick hello as I've just found this site. I get my first ever Holden next Wednesday after moving here from the UK.

It's a 12/1997 registered SS VT in the metallic sort of blue colour. Looks nice.

As with most newbie's I have a couple of question which I'll probably get flamed for asking as they have been answered a million times, anyway:

Roughly how much will I need to budget for an original colour repsray, just a blow over, with only a couple of small dents to worry about?

Also, what is the first step to modifying it? I've had a couple of twin turbo Supra's in the UK and was dissapointed at the cars performance by comparison.

However, the sound is absolutely awesome!! I love it!!

Cheers and see you around :-)

21-11-2006, 01:54 PM
Welcome to the forum,

I'll let you off as you are new to Oz so I'll let you in on a secret.

Us Aussies are VERY patriotic about V8's. Like poms to warm beer. So I'd suggest not to mention those rice burners you've somehow been impressed by.

As for your commie you're looking at. If you haven't bought it yet, look for one that you won't have to paint as it will be cheaper. But if you have bought it, look at around $3000 give or take some.

the other thing about the VT SS is that the series 2 SS had a 5.7ltr V8 instead of the 5.0ltr. M***ive differece in horsepower as well as torque.

I'm not dissin your new ride, as it is still an awesome aussie icon, but just offering some advice.

If you are set on that particular car, the first thing to look at doing would be your extractors and exhaust. (what state are you in, so i can put in contact with a local performance workshop). budget $2000-3000

Then you need to change you air intake. here you have a huge amount of options and all are based on different opinions. I suggest an SS inductions kit that you can get almost anywhere ( www.ssinductions.com.au ) Budget $400-500

you didn't say if it manual or auto. if auto, a stage 2 shift kit helps in those these days as it is nearly 10yrs old so the changes are getting a little tired on many of them.

The next would be to get a professional dyno tune / computer edit. once all the above things are done you will see great gains in both horses and torque once this is done. Budget $1000

you're current power will be around 165kw at the flywheel, 110 at the wheels. with these changes you should expect around 220-230 at th fly, 160 at the wheels. if you get more, you're doing well.

If you're disheartened by the figures as a comparison to your previous rice burners, just keep in mind the difference in monies spent under the hoods. If you were to twin turbo your V8 SS, the same way your supra was, i think you would be pleasantly surprised.

Also: on another note, since you are used to a car that handles reasonably well, i'd suggest getting your suspension stiffened and getting some good treads, before you end up sliding off the road in the middle of our scary outback and getting mauled by a drop bear

hope this helps. Welcome to Aus!

22-11-2006, 09:35 AM
He he, cheers for the informative reply dude. I won't mention the rice burners again:rolleyes:

It is an auto, the auto box shifts pretty well as it's only done 110,000Kms, but I'll look intio the options and see what I can do. I'm pretty anal about how a car should look and drive, and if it isn't right it will be fixed. Out of interest, what's in a stage 2 kit?

I was aware that the newer model LS1's were 5.7L, although didn't really find any in my current price range. The car I bought is far from the need of proper respray really, just if it's cheap enough in a couple of paychecks time I might consider getting it done to restore the 'pristine' look.

I think it already has an aftermarket induction kit, although I don't know the manufacturer, I'll have to check it out. I have bought the car, I just don't pick it up until next Wednesday.

I thought extractors would be the way to go too, just thought I'd check....

I'm not really planning on spending a great deal on getting big power out of the car as the police are really anal here (NSW - Central Coast), and I've been caught speeding in my first week in the country already:confused:

Cheers for the help again though dude :-)

PS - WTF is a drop bear?:confused:

22-11-2006, 02:09 PM
Oh the other thing I forgot to ask is did the SS VT come with a twin exhaust as standard? If not mines been modified and I have an aftermatket exhasut too.

How far that goes towards the block I don't know......