View Full Version : A few questions from a newby

25-10-2006, 09:56 PM
g'day. im new to the forums, and starting to look for either a vs clubby or senator.
I know this is probly asked heaps, but are there any VS senators in manuals out there? and other than a couple of visual aspects, and interior... whats the different between the senators and clubbys?
Im still on my P's so i would like to know what the cop attention is like in them for P platers. I know that if you drive like a **** of course you will get plenty of it, but im talking about day to day driving etc. Also, what insurance company do you go through? ill do a quick search and see what i can find on the forum, but i wanted to ask so i could get the specific answers im after.
cheers everyone

26-10-2006, 07:45 PM
Hey Richo,
Have you checked out carsales.com.au or drive.com.au or even ebay.com.au for cars. Im sure there will be several there. Make sure you check out the For Sale section in this forum, there might be one there.

The difference between the Clubsport & Senator? Senator is the luxury model, so as you said, will have a more upmarket (leather, climate air) interior. And a bit more softer styling, different rims etc. Apart from that they're pretty much identical. Both have the same engine.

As for cop attention, surely they wouldn't be as bad as the ricers? ;)