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10-10-2006, 06:55 PM
Ok, so we've (I've) decided that we should do Bathurst at least once in our lifetime & see the race live & experience the adrenelin rush.

If you have been in to Bathurst the past:

Where have you stayed at Bathurst & did you stay for the 5 days?

Anyone taken a package sort of a deal? Who with?

Where are the best vantage points on the mountain?

Any good websites to visit would be appreciated for further info.

Thanks in advance,

10-10-2006, 08:48 PM
I've been to Bathurst in 1999 and 2001.
Seeing as i'm from New Zealand, I was in Australia for 5 days. We stayed in Orange, which is 30mins drive from Bathurst in an easterly direction. Very nice place Orange, we stayed in a motel. We stayed there only 4 nights and drove to Bathurst each day. (except one day, we did tour around, Cowra, Parkes, Forbes etc).

DIDN"T take a package as YOU get ripped off. And also, you have limitations, like you have to have this sort of meal, catch this bus etc etc whci is not my liking. I'd rather have your own car (or rental) and buy own meals and that.

Best vantage points...it was The Chase but I believe you ca not go their anymore due to construction. Murrays corner is good. And Hell Corner, get their early and watch the start! Everywhere on that mountain is fantastic, the top has great views but hard to get up to the fence.

A search in Google will find you some sites...






Other close places to stay...



http://www.cowra.nsw.gov.au/ Cowra, because we booked late (May 01) we couldnt get accomodation so had to stay at Cowra which is 1hr drive).

Hope this helps!!!

10-10-2006, 09:11 PM
Thanks, Murph fan51. My husband is from Cowra, although he hasn't lived there for many a year, but he doesn't know Bathurst at all, let alone the Mountain. The tip about packages is a good one. Appreciate the links, too. I guess I just have to wait til more info (apart from the dates) re: 2007 goes up.
I have always harboured a desire to go back to the Mountain since taking my geriatric Capri around the track back in, ooh, say, 1978 or thereabouts. My vehicle has changed (that was many, many cars ago - I now drive a commercial vehicle), but the petrol still pulses through the veins.............roll on Oct '07!!!!

01-11-2006, 07:22 PM
DO IT!! '93 was my first year, and I've been back every race since ( apart from '94, no great loss) We camp at Mcphillamary and from our "corporate box ( our little bit of marked ground) we get a good view of Skyline and the big screen TV is perfectly positioned for us.

As for the " animals on top of the mountain' yes there are some, but Mc Philamary is fairly civilised. We get some explosions, fireworks, but Sulman and Reid can get a bit full on. It must be said that even they have been toned down a bit.

We started with 4 blokes from Bris, now we sleep 20-24, with power, 2 fridges, potbelly stove, DVD, PS2, and even carpet on the floor. Its camping, but only cos we're under canvas !


Clubbie Geoff
07-11-2006, 10:01 AM
Hello all,

Have been to Bathurst 7 times for the great race but not this year as I bought my Clubsport and could not afford it.

Inside the Chase is a good spot as is the inside of Hell corner. I always go for a walk across the top of the mountain and stay for awhile to check out the different positions. I have camped at McPhilly and it is pretty good there but Sulmain and Reid parks should be avioded.

On 3 of my trips I stayed at Orange which is a very nice place. On another trip I camped at the paddock behind the pits which was ok but back then was lacking in facilities, that has improved somewhat now.

On the other trips we stayed at the Bathurst footy club ( in a tent ) and at a farm outside of Bathurst. I totally agree with the comments about package deals. Take a car and see the scenery that is around, there there some caves nearby (45min drive) very well worth the drive (forget the name of the caves).