View Full Version : Brake Pads - Clubsport VX R8

08-12-2005, 02:35 PM
Hi Guys

Just wondering what experiences you may have had with brake pads for the standard issue brakes on the 2002 R8. (Not the premium Upgrade)

I am looking at changing pads and would like to fit some that reduce rotor wear, and have no squeel or grind noise issues.

I suspect the Holden/HSV supplied product is maybe not as good as it could be. (Too much noise and wear for my liking - little dust thought)

Realising that increased brake dust might become a factor - I can live with that, providing there is minimal rotor wear and low noise.

My driving style is fairly sedate, mostly city driving [80%](stop start) and the occasional 'squirt' [20%] (hard acceleration and braking) on twisty country roads.

Look forward to your thoughts on Feredo, EBC, Bendix and any others .