View Full Version : think i fooked something up...

08-10-2005, 09:41 PM
was drivin home from work yesterday (friday) been drivin for bout 20mins at 110k an the car just conks out... pulled ova an looked under the bonnet an the cable runnin from the battery to the starter had cooked itself.. good old 45min wait for racq to tell me wat i already kno :roll: . bought sum new 2b&s cablein for it. was goin to run 0b&s like my bro said i shuld but it looks far to big an i culdnt find anyone wit enuf of it. pulled the starter out an had a look at it, seems fine, opened the bak cover, no burn smell. pulled the power cable out an ran the new one to it. iv left the old cable there for now as its to much effort 630 at nite. started it up just b4 an it started real quik an ran like a dog :shock: :? .. anyone got any idea wats happened? i havent replaced the negative cable either yet.. mayb its half cooked? any one got any clue?

20-12-2005, 02:16 PM
had same problem with my ss vr starter cable rubbed on protective steel heat tube near engine mount until it shorted out. melted main starter wire to starter solinoide wire and kept trying to start itself at 60km until smoke came out and engined stopped due to battery going dead. after replacing wiring car ran like a dog for a few kms then came good, thought computer may have lost memory due to short but has been ok. sorry can not be anymore help then to advise others to check the main starter feed wire on theirs before someones finishes in a fire.

21-12-2005, 02:34 PM
Sounds like a loose connection somewhere.

I've seen that before when some has fogot to tighten the earth lead on a battery and it meltted the wiring harnes in the whole car - all the way back to the fire wall.

As for Running like a dog - I have heard that some vehicle manufactures have smart computer in their cars. What this does is map your driving style and plot the ignition and fuel accordingly.

So when your driving style changes - it reprograms itself to accordingly. If you have had a fault, and the computer has reset it self, it might take a few days, but it might relearn.

After all that - Does Holden / HSV have this option? - sorry don't know