View Full Version : Vf gts sub + amp install??

22-12-2016, 11:30 AM
Im wanting to install my JL Audio amp and Kicker Subs in my VF GTS, but keep the rest of the speakers running off the bose amp.

Can anyone explain how to do this, where to get power, accessorys, where to cut in loc etc? It was pretty straight forward with the VE but after researching it for ages i cant find a straight forward solution.


23-12-2016, 12:28 AM
Split the speaker wires going out of the Bose amp and run them into a high level signal converter. This will give u your RCA connections for your monoblock amp. Run power directly from your battery to either your capacitor or your amp. For the remote wire that tells ur amp to switch on, ur amp might have a switch on it that will turn it on when it senses a signal from your rca inputs. I'm ***uming u r running a monoblock amp with built in crossovers to limit the frequencies your subs don't need.