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19-07-2005, 07:14 PM
Does any one have any information on 1999 HSV Super Charged V6 ? How many made etc. Thanks in advance.

19-07-2005, 11:10 PM
Does any one have any information on 1999 HSV Super Charged V6 ? How many made etc. Thanks in advance.

This one was For Sale on here a few months back

or checkout www.hsv.com.au

Here's some of the point listed on the hsv site

The XU6 has the presence of other HSV models with a comprehensive styling package based on the HSV Manta V8 model. Priced at $49,800, it slots into the HSV range just below the Manta yet performance, handling and levels of refinement line it up against sophisticated opposition up to double its price. HSV expects the XU6 to bring a new and different style of owner within the HSV fold.

To give the XU6 its stand apart performance, the starting point was the proven supercharged V6 introduced to premium Holden models in late 1996. This engine is based on the GM North American 3800 Series II supercharged engine which after mid-1995 became the powerplant of choice for GMs US luxury and sports sedan applications including the premium Buick Riviera and Oldsmobile EightyEight models.

The supercharged V6 was not simply a case of bolting on a supercharger to the existing V6. The compression ratio was reduced from 9.4:1 to 8.5:1 and the piston and rod assemblies were re-engineered to specifically handle the increased combustion forces and temperatures. The piston crown and top ring area land area were hard anodised for strength and temperature resistance. The second and third ring lands have been deepened to provide extra support for the compression rings while the piston skirt is molybdenum coated for run-in protection and friction reduction. The piston pin diameter was also increased to handle the additional load.

These extra reserves built into the Holden supercharged engine gave HSV the opportunity to extract worthwhile power increases while adding a sportier, free-revving feel for the XU6 application without compromising durability. The result sees the XU6 travel from 0-100km/h in 7.5 seconds and cover the 400 metres in 15.50 seconds.

HSV has added a free flow dual exhaust system, a high capacity air intake system and a recalibrated powertrain control module for a power output of 180kW at 5000 rpm, an increase of 9kW over the Holden version. Peak torque of 380Nm occurs at 3200 rpm, an improvement of 5Nm. These power outputs were once the preserve of HSVs powerful early V8 models. The supercharged V6 engine is also 57 kg lighter than the V8 and shorter, which contributes to a different driving feel when the weight is concentrated further back in the chassis.

The supercharger is the Eaton M90, so called because of its 90 cubic inches displacement per revolution and already familiar to owners of the Aston Martin DB7. The links with the DB7 coupe which has a pricetag almost six times that of the XU6, extend beyond that of the shared supercharger. DB7 stylist Ian Callum was also responsible for the XU6 styling package.

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dis site may help ya