View Full Version : Universal Kits

17-02-2016, 12:11 AM
We now offer universal kits that can suit any car as long as it has AC and a water to air intercooler system.

We have a method of plugging into the AC system which does involve removing the AC lines sending them to us and we modify them to suit and add connection points.

We are using a special company that builds AC systems and has about 1/2 a million dollars worth of equipment so the end result is the lines are OEM styled, very neat and tidy looking and formed in the exact same manner as when they were made for your car, just now with added connection points.

Very neat and tidy and very much looking forward to the results we can get on other brands of cars.

We then send out plenty of rubber AC hose, connections etc you then mount it however you like where ever you like, if you need help we are always here, phone or email and we welcome people to do this as neat as possible and send us details of line lengths so we can make up kits to suit other makes and models.