View Full Version : Is it just me, or are used Grange's a bargain?!

19-01-2014, 10:58 AM
Some changes in the next few weeks will probably see me needing a new daily driver, and I'm thinking something that doubles as useful for taking on trips is a good idea. I was thinking about a couple year old Caprice, but then out of interest had a look at what an MY09 (to get the 6.2) Grange was worth, and bloody hell, they're under $40k for a great example!

Has the Grange always been a bit unloved in the used car market? When you compare it to a GTS of the same age, the Grange is much cheaper, even though it was more when new!

I know it's probably not up a lot of people's alley, being bigger and presumably not as sharp, which isn't REALLY up my alley either normally, but for the role of a commute down the freeway and odd trip away, I'm struggling to think of anything better.

19-01-2014, 11:22 AM
All the barges have terrible resale. Will lose 50% in a couple of years without an issue. Its the same no matter what model you look at, the statesman/caprice/grange will always be cheaper than the short wheel base cars.

I'd never buy one new but they are good buying when a few years old like you are looking at.

19-01-2014, 02:02 PM
Yeah I'd prefer a GTS but at these prices seems like such a bargain second hand. I agree with you after seeing the depreciation, I wouldn't buy a new one!

01-02-2014, 06:58 PM
They are great value just not cool compared to a gts, but have the gts power and 95% of the full hsv range options
in one. not sure who would pay 97 or now 93k for a new one, even close to 80 with a few bits added will still
see over 15k lost in the first year, you need to be able to buy a grange and sell it for 60k after 12 months
if you want a great family car, daily drive and a car you can hit 12s on the 400 a grange is a nice option
just buy cheap as it will not hold value like a gts. maybe once it hits 30k or less you might be able to sell
one easier. I would still prefer another grange once the 13 plate sales proper come in over a gts
if they are 20k cheaper.

02-02-2014, 10:45 AM
Have had the WK since May 2007. It was only $2000 more than a five months older Caprice. It is a car you can keep but be careful of some early WMs, they had bad front end problems. The build number does not relate to the actual build date - build number cars can be ordered. person who had mine before me, always has number 250 but it is not the 250th built.
Expect a drop of 55% value in the first three years - the second owner gets a real bargain and a "hidden" race car. Mine had no visual HSV badges (apart from the bonnet logo) so most people don't know what it is.
They are a delight to drive and on the open road have quite a punch. They have the cruising differential and are therefore economical on distance runs. Yes - I am biased to this car and will be sorry when/if it has to come off the road.

07-02-2014, 10:37 PM
WM E3 Grange im not going to bother trying to sell on carsales from Darwin but
if anyone is interested in a 12 model black with 25k on it with tint tow/b tune and caiotr
I will sell my black grange. im interested in a 13wn or gts if I can get 13k off the base price.
then nt tax discount..
no damage, price some where just south of 60k its a wm12.
guess if I keep it for another year it will sell in the high 40's maybe.
cheers, one more hsv built in aust.

12-02-2014, 11:42 PM
Not good for 2nd hand prices when new ones are this cheap...


14-02-2014, 09:15 PM
With trade in prices down 5 to 10k!!!!

that car as an old demo 13 model with not 20km but as stated now about 4500 is still too high
they were going for 80 NEW when they had a book price of 97 if you got in at the right time
with a plate that had been sitting around for 6 months the same year. I see a new grange worth
75k if a 12 model is 55/57, that is buy for 75 and you will still go down 20 after 1 year and that could be
on the good side once the LWB stop for good. I still think the gts will hold its price okay we have
a good solid second hand market for the GTS, the only thing that may stuff that in a big way
is what it is replaced with and im seeing a few options here in Darwin I think they have been
flown, yes flown in by their owners as part of their work deal.