View Full Version : Paint, Leather, Interior, Rust Protection

16-07-2004, 12:33 PM
Just wondering if anybody has got VIP WYNNS protection done on their rides. I had it done on my VX Clubsport and the car is still like brand new, and I have never even polished it. I got a lifetime warrenty that it would not fade or anything. Same with the leather protection, I also got a lifetime warrenty that my dash and leather won't fade or crack, I don't have to use any conditioner at all. I had MING done on my vr but did not like it at all. Has anybody else had it done? What do you think of it I you want it done speak to the guys at Northern Mitsubishi in Preston Victoria, they are really good. My brother used to work there thats why I went to them. Brilliant job and product and service there! :?: