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19-09-2013, 12:22 PM
Good day to you all.
I have a question that might be easily answered by looking in the manual for my car. The only reason I haven't done this is that my car is currently in transit from the other end of the country.
But I digress...
Simply put, one of the first things I want to do is get some decent sound into my new purchase. I have a kicker amp and a kicker sub ready to morph straight into the boot, however I need to get front splits and rears for the car.
I am wondering if anyone knows off the top of their head what size pods are in the doors. Do I need 6" or 6.5" for the existing mounts that will be in the beast?
I am also considering 6 x 9's for the parcel shelf, but they're a no brainer and I don't really need any info on how to do that. I just don't want to have the delay of waiting for the car (bad enough as it is!), then gently ripping off the skins before discovering what size speakers I need. If I can be prepared with speakers ready to go, then this will save half a day stuffing around discovering all this.
So yeah, if anyone is able to help me with stock sizes that I can just swap out, that will be great!
Please note, I read through all six pages of the Car Audio section looking for previous posts on this. I couldn't find any that referred to stock speaker specs. I am unsure if the regular VY commodores share the same specs in the audio department... so what better place to check than on a forum where many have gone before me and conquered! :idea:

19-09-2013, 01:09 PM
I am at work at the moment, but at home I have the factory Holden/HSV Workshop manual, I will check it out for you in there.

19-09-2013, 01:24 PM
I did my VZ late last year and to be honest i wasn't sure either so I just asked the sales guy. They know as it's there job, and I am pretty sure they have a manual

19-09-2013, 02:58 PM
You'll fit a 6.5" in there no worries, you just have to cut away some of the back of the mount so that the magnet can fit thru.

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19-09-2013, 03:01 PM
You'll fit a 6.5" in there no worries, you just have to cut away some of the back of the mount so that the magnet can fit thru.

Cool. So I imagine it's a 6" normal mount, and it would be the same with the rear doors speakers too yeah?

19-09-2013, 05:12 PM
Yeah, pretty sure they're the same all round.
It's not a big job to whip the door trim off if you wanted to measure them up first.

I'd just go with 6.5" splits up front and co-axials in the back doors (or leave the stock speakers in the doors and put the 6x9's in the parcel shelf if that's your thing).

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23-09-2013, 02:48 PM
So I've gone with kicker 6.5" coaxial for the front which sounded waaaaay better than the kicker (and JL Audio) splits! I know a demo wall isn't the ideal spot to listen to car audio, but these kickers were just so much crisper, more powerful, and had an awesome richness when compared to the kicker and JL split options. They were miles ahead of the splits that I listened to, and were the cheaper option in the end (which wasn't a factor, but why spend $100 - $200 more on a set of speakers when they leave you scrunching up your face because they just don't have the 'wow' factor that the cheaper ones had???). The 6.5" are 150w RMS. I've gone kicker 6x9's (350w RMS), and a AVH-X5550BT Double Din Pioneer H/U. I already have the kicker sub, kicker 4 channel amp, an alpine mrf amp.
Pretty happy with the setup, and when I made the purchase of the new gear, the shop (JB HiFi) quoted a mere $450 for installation! Going to take them up on that, as they surely would do a better job than my hack efforts of the past! It's a local instal guy who has another business during the week doing audio instals and car aircons.
Now it's just a matter of the car getting up here! Hopefully by the weekend, if not early next week.
... Once this is done, I shall be looking for exhaust tips (as in direction, not tips to put on the exhaust!) to make the Clubsport bark a bit!