View Full Version : WH Wheel alignment specs

14-04-2013, 07:12 PM
Hey guys, my ride is a 2000 WH Grange.

Got new tyres fitted on Sat, and a wheel alignment (as the wife 'modified' the alignment while I was away.)
Also had adjustable bushes fitted to the rear, 4 point, super pro jobs, about 2 years ago.
The clowns (for a nice word), tell me that the rear left will keep scrubbing the inner out as there is no adjustment, I tell them that there is adjustable bushes, he goes and feels, 'oh, well you will need to come back again then'.

Thing is, I dug out the last 2 wheel alignment sheets, (done elsewhere), and everytime the car is a different car, and I have noticed that they are slightly different specs and tolerances.

Yesterday, my car was a VY with FE2, the time before that, it was a HSV VX, and before that is was a WL with FE2.
To me, the closest one is the HSV VX, being a WH (VT), but being a longer wheel base, would it be any different?

Can anyone tell me what the specs should be, or even better, send me a link or pic or anything that I can print out and give them to 'try' and get within spec.